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Services Offered

We are in a unique time as advances in technology have created new psychological insights into our understanding of the science of the brain. This has led to developments in classic therapeutic strategies, as well as the evolution of new integrative approaches built on connecting the mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Holistic growth can be more readily achieved by combining talk therapy with exercise in a way that fits the client; by developing creative outlets; and with practice, practice, practice.

The therapeutic information and guidance provided by Marthe comes from interactive conversation with the client and is in accordance with the client’s perceived needs. The research is very clear, and it has been Marthe’s experience that the most significant factor informing positive change in therapy is the relationship between participants.  She also works on the assumption that the number of sessions is not as important as the quality of the session.

Trauma Informed Approach

Many complex presenting issues can involve an interplay between many components that may involve: historic trauma, post traumatic distress to the point of PTSD, life transitions, grief, current life stressors, anxiety, panic, interpersonal conflicts, substance or food misuse, and self esteem challenges. Everyone’s factors are different as are the people who have experienced them.

Marthe bases her practice on a trauma informed approach, incorporating an understanding of how traumatic stress or events impact individuals physically, emotionally, behaviourally, and socially. This includes an awareness of the importance of cultural and gender sensitivity. She is dedicated to cultivating an atmosphere of safety and growth based on non-judgemental acceptance, honest validation, and opportunity for mindful change.
In her clinical practice she utilizes an integrative therapeutic approach based on needs, and may include:
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy
Hypnotherapy Informed Mindfulness
Solution Focused Therapy
Integrative Psychotherapy
Psychodynamic Therapy
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