Life's Guide: Self Discovery Through Art, Therapy, and Mindfulness

Posted by Marthe Lemire on April 4, 2021

I have created this self-help infographic coloring book - ' Life's Guide: Self Discovery Through Art, Therapy, & Mindfulness'

If you are interested in psychological concepts that will help you move through the past, and into the present, while giving you hope for the future, this infographic coloring book is for you.

My book contains 35 original coloring pages with psychological explanations accompanying each drawing. There is also an 11" by 17" 'framework' drawing in color, which is suitable for framing, as well as 2 examples pages I have colored. There are also additional pages provided for journaling your thoughts and ideas.

See the following 30 second video to give you a sample of what the book contains. Click on this - Book Sample

There will be future blog posts describing the life's Guide famework in more detail.

If you want to view more of my art, please see my Instagram site: @lifesguideart

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